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Mediation is a confidential and voluntary process in which a neutral third party (the "Mediator") is retained to assist disputants in resolving issues such as workplace disputes, family matters, elder matters and alternative justice issues  - to name just a few.  Mediators need to have special knowledge regarding, and an understanding of the matters they are mediating, regardless of the field.  In some cases, mediation is court-ordered and seeking legal counsel is always recommended, as required.


Mediated agreements allow parties to make their own decisions without having decisions imposed on them by their managers, courts or any third party.  With mediation, parties have control over the process so it is you who will decide what kind of resolution is acceptable.


 The role of a mediator is to:

  • Facilitate a discussion between the disputants

  • Help them and you arrive at a solution.

In comparison to hiring lawyers to litigate:

  • Mediation costs are often substantially lower

  • The process is more efficient and less time consuming, and

  • The interests of all parties are taken into consideration.

Clients are reminded that legal advice may be advised before and during mediatiom and is always advised before signing any final documentation. 


Isenor Live Mediation Services is here to help. 


Strategic Alliances


Community Justice Alternatives of Durham (Mediation Case Manager and Training Coorindator)


Various Mediation and Conflict Resolution Services in Durham Region

Additional Professionals (lawyers, accountants) as required

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