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What is Family Mediation?

Family Mediation is the neutral facilitation of family dispute negotiation. The negotiating parties enter the family mediation process voluntarily and maintain control over the agreements made. The process is designed to ensure a safe environment and level playing field during the negotiation process.  Ontario  Association for Family Mediation -

The Goals of Family Mediation

  • Ensure the safety of all family members

  • Focus the attention on the best interests of the children

  • Provide an equal voice to participants

  • Reduce the emotional stress of the parties involved

  • Reduce the financial costs of resolving family disputes

  • Minimize conflict and uphold peace and respect

  • A fair and reasonable agreement

Family Mediation Before Litigation

  • Before adversarial action becomes necessary choose Family Mediation

  • It should be considered the first option for family dispute resolution

  • It is a practical and more positive way to effectively resolve disputes than litigation and other adversarial forms of family dispute resolution

  • Above text (in its entirety) is an excerpt from the website of Ontario Association of Family Mediators - Family Mediation.  With Permission of OAFM -


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