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Family Mediation: What is it and can I really benefit from it?

Family Mediation: What is it and can I really benefit from it?

Actually, yes! Mediation is a voluntary process in which a neutral third party

is retained to assist disputants to resolve issues such as custody, access,

child support, spousal support, parenting plans, and property division.

Family mediators need to have special knowledge regarding understanding family problems, special techniques tailored to the needs of families, specialized

knowledge on families in crisis, and skills with how to deal with fighting spouses.

Mediated agreements allow parties to make their own decisions about parenting

and support arrangements without having decisions imposed on them by judges

or arbitrators. With mediation, parties have control over the process so it is you

who will decide what kind of resolution is acceptable.

My role as the mediator is to:

  • Facilitate a discussion between you

  • Help you arrive at a solution

In comparison to hiring lawyers to litigate:

  • Mediation costs are often substantially lower

  • The process is more efficient and less time consuming and

  • The interests of all parties are taken into consideration.

This post is provided courtesy of Gates Family Mediation

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