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Isenor Live offers Family Mediation, Elder Mediation, Workplace Conflict Resolution/Mediation and the Designing and Delivering of both Family Resource Sessions and Workplace Training Courses
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Every day is a new beginning - a chance to learn more, reduce stress, accept differences and live more.  Isenor Live Mediation Services is here to help you through some of the rough patches.


Don't allow issues at work to follow you home.

Don't allow issues at home to follow you to work.

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Isenor Live Mediation Services is a provider of Family Mediation, Memorandums of Understandings to be used in Separation Agreements and Parenting Plans.


Specialists will be brought in to assist when and/if required.


We meet the needs and goals of the business community, for both management and employees, and support a safe and productive work environment.  By delivering conflict resolution training and mediation, IsenorLive Mediation Services enriches the workplace, at both a professional and personal level.  We will be the “best point of contact” in Durham Region and the GTA for providing Conflict Resolution Services through on-site training and the provision of Mediation Services.


Principal:  Audrey Sibley Isenor, Q.Med.

Associates & Other Professionals:  as required


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Your Greatest Strength - Your Staff!


Isenor Live provides expertise in workplace mediation and conflict resolution services.

Isenor Live also provides a full range of mediation services focusing on but not limited to personal situations such as separation and elder issues. 




Isenor Live provides a full range of mediation services focusing on (but not limited to) elder mediation, family mediation and workplace mediation, conflict resolution services and tailored corporate training.


IsenorLive also provides mediation services in other areas through associates and key partners.

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Vision Statement


Isenor Live Mediation Services is known and respected by families, professonals, employees and  employers as a trusted, neutral provider of mediation for separation/divorce, elder issues, workplace assistance, training and mediation services.






Workplace Training



Conflict Resolution Training

Working with Difficult People

Relationship and Marriage/Separation Mediation


Our personal relationships impact our lives in many ways.  As difficult as these situations can be it always helps to look at them through a rational lens.  Isenor Live can assist you and your employees during difficult times.







Why wait until an issue becomes a major crisis?  Try to stay ahead of the game and take on those tough problems.  They are probably not going away on their own.  Get the help you need.



Audrey Sibley Isenor has many years of law clerking, legal assistant and Human Resources management experience in the legal industry.   This combination of strong HR skills and Mediation education and skills may be the solution you need.



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